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One-stop parrot supplies

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Creating a Five-Star Bird Supplies Platform for Hong Kong and Macao

Birds can live up to 60 years, and their owners tend to be well-off. We are establishing up a profitable market with high income, cash turnover, and sustainability by providing the one-stop bird supplies and hotel stores services, encompassing birds supplies, food, and accommodation services.


Number of Members (Annual):

50,000 pax
Monthly Sales Turnover:

HK$2.5 million

Consumer group

25 to 55 years old and well-off.

Well-established Pet food brands in wholesaling business

Self-owned brands with Global exposure

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Health & Nutritious food for Birds

A Swiss Bird Food Brand offering high-quality nutritious products wholesaling to all over the world.

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The first high- quality DIY Bird Cage in the market

Bird Cages featuring 'Fun & Safe' which designed by Japan designers. Allowing customers all over the world can order their birds an unique home.

WVIP group's mission is to create, and orchestrate social innovation product and environment for the next generation.

A Popular Bird Supplies Brands In US

Daily orders over 300pcs; Over 100 SKUs

"Buying the additive-free Dr.Parrot toys with confidence"
The best-in-class high quality birds toy supplies brand and presents all-natural ingredients for birds. Products cover 6 features of birds toys eg. climbing, chewing, puzzle, foraging, foot beak, sound-making and mobility.


Consumer group

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Sales of HK$20 million in 2022

Americans at 25-55 years old with high income

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