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E-commence Management

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We concentrate on running HKTVmall and have been involved with it from the beginning. Among them, HKTVmall has helped establish or run more than 50 online businesses, managing over 60,000 SKUs on the shelves, helping with daily shipments of more than 3,000 SKUs, and handling over 5,000 orders. We can offer expert solutions for everything from setting up an online store to putting products on the shelf, managing warehousing and logistics, and linking your own website to HKTVmall. To assist you in fully capturing the e-commerce market, we provide a variety of business solutions.

Why us?

Start your store at Full Speed

Our professional team will help you start a store on HKTVmall within 7-day the soonest. Our specialists will take care the preliminary work, design the storefront and products listing.

Save costs

With our one-stop service for store opening, product listing and operation management, you will no longer have to spend time dealing with the complicated procedures of the online store, which saves your time and resources. 

Online store Interconnection

Connect to HKTVmall platform with API after assisting you to open your online store. This help you an easy access to manage products and monitor business.

Promotions and Marketing

Aid your sales increment with years of experiences in product SEO, setting discounts,
recommending the best time for advertising, etc. We also maintain a close relationship with HKTVMALL to arrange cross-store promotion from time to time to increase exposure.

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Our Services


HKTVMall Account activation & Product Listing

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Online Store Operations and Marketing Management

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Warehouse and Shipment Logistics

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SNS Operations

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SEO for Products and Storefront

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Shopify Online Store Set Up

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